Tassel Talk

Burlesque is an act of bravery. It takes nerves of steel to face down a full house of faceless audience members, but burlesquers do it again and again - in their underwear. Tassel Talk is a monthly burlesque peer review where performers can workshop their acts in a supportive, yet constructive environment, and all over a delightful brunch.

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About Tassel Talk

Tassel Talk was started in Seattle by Sara Dipity and Bunny Von Bunsmore (check out their Facebook page and website) and was created with the goal of supporting and building the Seattle Burlesque Community. It has now proliferated to Portland and New Orleans as well!

Laika Fox was deeply inspired by the work of these two ladies, and is starting up the San Francisco Bay Area chapter... and we want you to be a part of it!

How Do I Sign Up?

Each month, we'll post a sign up form for that month's Tassel Talk. If you'd like to have an act reviewed, follow that link and sign up! Everyone is welcome, from newbies to seasoned performers. If you are selected, you'll receive an email in the week prior to the event asking for your music & stage cues.

Can I Attend Even If  I'm Not Being Reviewed?

YES PLEASE! Tassel Talk is a community event, the more the merrier (and more effective!). If you don't want to be reviewed, or you don't get accepted for a particular month, please join us anyway! Your input matters.

What Is the Feedback Process Like?

Each performer gets 15 minutes total. You go up, do you act, and the rest of your time slot is for feedback by the rest of the group. It bears mentioning that the feedback process can and will change as this project evolves. The purpose of this project is to give each other nurturing and constructive feedback based on each performer's stated intention for their act. Take a peak at the feedback questions here!

What Are People Saying About Tassel Talk?

A testimonial from a Tassel Talk participant: "The review process was helpful and provided me the input and insights of seasoned performers (and fans) of burlesque. The atmosphere was positive and friendly and it was helpful seeing others performers acts in various stages (from early development to final polishing) and providing feedback and guidance to them as well as getting feedback on my own act. I recommend this process for all performers and want-to-be performers! There is no greater gift you can receive than positive, well meant, feedback on your act!"

Did Someone Say Brunch?

Yes. Yes we did. A light brunch will be provided for all event attendees. Because we love you and believe that snacks are an integral part of creating a loving environment.


You can support Tassel Talk in a number of ways:

  • Volunteer to be our stage kitten (this can rotate, you don't have to commit to kittening every month)
  • Volunteer to videotape acts (if performer wants video)
  • Just show up! You are under no obligation to perform, or even to give feedback if you don't feel comfortable doing so.
  • Bring friends!
  • Or you can always...


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